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  • I have a lot of seasonal items, books, clothes etc. taking up unnecessary space in my home that I wish to store. How do I calculate what size storage unit I need?
  • Generally, 25-50 sq. ft room is sufficient to store the excess items of the average house.
  • I am renovating my home and I need to store all my furniture, what size storage unit will I need?
  • When it comes to furniture you are best to check out the size of your major larger furniture items and then inspect various unit sizes to ensure they can fit. A general rule is 1:5 i.e. a 500 sq. ft home will require a 100 sq. ft. storage unit.
  • I need to access my goods at night, is 24 hour access available?
  • Yes, with your own designated access card you can gain access to your storage unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in a limited number of locations access at night is limited due to availability of security personnel in, and thus access to, the buildings in which our storage facilities are located. Please double check with our Site Manager.
  • Do you provide moving/transportation services?
  • Yes, our in house transport division, SC Storage Moving, can provide you with a one-stop-shop service with pick up and packing from you home or office, and delivery to your storage unit, and when you are ready to move, we can move your items back. Please call 81777779 for a quote and to arrange for your moving needs.
  • I want to look at your storage facility, however I work during the day. What time are you open?
  • Our normal working hours are 9.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Sunday. If you are unable to visit our facilities during those hours, we can arrange for suitable staff to be available after those hours if pre-arranged.
  • What are the general upfront costs to rent a storage unit?
  • We require all customers upon entering into a Licence Agreement to pay 2 months'deposit (equivalent to two (2) months of the monthly rent) and the first months'rent, to be paid upfront. You are also required to pay a non-refundable HKD50 per access card. Other than these, other general costs may include packaging and moving costs.
  • What documents do I need to bring to rent a storage unit?
  • You are required to provide a copy of your Hong Kong Identification Card or Passport or Business Registration document (if a company is renting the storage unit).
  • When is the starting date for a storage unit licence agreement and when must I pay my monthly rent?
  • The starting date is the date on which you elect to move into your storage unit as stated in the Licence Agreement. Upon signing of your agreement you elect the date upon which you will move in (which cannot be more than 7 days from the date of signing of the Licence Agreement and you cannot move in earlier). Your monthly storage fee is calculated on a month by month basis from that move in date.
  • Can I rent a room for less than a month?
  • No the minimum that you can rent and pay for is one month. However, following the first month, if you elect to move out of your room, your rent will be calculated pro-rata to that move-out date during that month.
  • Can I have discount if I rent a unit for a long lease term?
  • Yes we provide discounts for prepayments of six (6) months and twelve (12) months. This means that you sign an agreement for six or twelve months and pay the full amount upfront in advance to be entitled to the discount. Please speak with our customer service member for current information on discounts offered.
  • If my Licence Agreement has expired, do I need to renew it?
  • No,there is no need to sign a new contract, however, you will be subject to any future rent increases and relevant changes to terms and conditions.
  • Can I get a monthly invoice and/or receipt?
  • Yes, we send monthly invoices and receipts by email. If you wish to receive a paper version, you can elect to do so, at a charge of HKD20 per invoice/receipt.
  • How can I make my monthly rental payment?
  • You can make your monthly rental payment in a number of ways:
    1. Elect for autopay either via your bank account or credit card
    2. Pay via HSBC or JETCO ATM at any participating ATMs
    3. Pay via PPS
    4. Pay online in the Your Account section of our website via IPGPAY”
    ** Please fax a copy of your bank deposit slip to our accounts department at 30058505 or 31508136 or via email to accountone@scstorage.asia
  • How can I inform you when I settled the payment?
  • Please fax the bank-in slip( please mark your unit number )to 30058505 or 31508136 or email to accountone@scstorage.asia. If you don't have fax or email, please contact 82248516 and inform us your unit number, account number, amount and date.
  • I will move out at the end of this month. Even though I have paid a two month deposit, do I still have to pay the another month's rent?
  • Yes, please pay the final month's rent and then following move out we will organise for the return of your deposit funds.
  • The storage unit I rented is too small (or too big), so I want to change another bigger one (or smaller one). How to calculate the new rent?
  • If your storage unit is too small (big) for your use, we can assist you to find a bigger (smaller) more suitable room when and if available. We will transfer your existing rental over to the new room, so that you you only need to pay the difference (or return the difference if there is a surplus).
  • I will move out 2 days later. So how can I get the refund?
  • There are two ways to receive your refund, by cheque or by bank transfer. Please elect your preferred method and we will process your refund asap.
  • I will move out next week, so will I be paid my surplus rent the day I move out?
  • No, as per our Licence Agreement, you will be refunded your surplus rent and deposit within 28 working days from your move-out date.
  • Can you collect items for me from my storage unit and deliver them to me?
  • At this time, we only offer this service at the Cheong Wing storage centre in Shek Lei and you ar required to use our company's coded lock. We will charge you $40 per item not including transport charges.
  • Can I have discount if i rent a unit for a long lease term?
  • Yes, we provide different discounts for prepayments of 6 and 12 months. We currently provide a discount of 3% for 6 month prepayments and 7% for 12 months. These discounts are subject to change at any time so please check our website or hotline.
  • Can I rent a unit used as office?
  • Self storage units are mainly used to store items. You can sort and pack items inside your storage unit, however other general office amenities are not available.
  • How can I gain access to my storage unit during non-working hours?
  • All customers have an access card which provides access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the storage facility where your storage unit is located.