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Business Storage

Good Security system

  • -Rent for Shelf with wheel, in order to arrange files well.
嚴密保安CCTV錄影系統, 同事經常巡倉

Industrial buildings have slant platform

  • -24hours access into units.
  • -Monthly payment is avalible. 49 branches in difference location. Easy for payment.
  • -easy to move your tools to other units accroding to your working places.
  • -Some branches have set up mail box, we can receive mail for you.

20-200 ft” difference choice of storage.

  • -changing the size of units accroding to the size of exhibits

Providing difference size of locker.

  • -Easy to stoed stands
  • -49 branches, easy to move your tools to other units accroding to your working places.
即刻行動, 商户一經批核, 即享運輸及層架優惠!

SC Storage - Self Storage can help you

Save expensive commercial space , reduction of costly ------ your stationery / office supplies folders / contracts, etc. stored in the mini-storage. More effectively in relocation of office. More convenient to extract the goods to your customers and provide them with better service. Simplify office management, Effectively! Quickly! A more cost-effective storage methods.

SC Storage hotline services 24/7.

Our storage with high technical security system, 24-hour CCTV recording, alarm system devices, computer controlled door card access. Our modern warehouse management, clean, safe, high space and can store large objects, corridors designed for easy access. Our storage also equipped with a large freight elevator.


I was initially concerned about having 24 hour access to my storage and office, as well as the security of my equipment stored there. After I started using it though I realized it is very safe and secure, and I regularly use the services very late at night or early in the morning. It's so convenient!

Commercial Perferential

  • Prepay for 1 year, 10% discount
  • Free moving up to $3500
  • 1st metal rack deposit free (delivery fee $100/each)

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