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Why store your wine with us?

Wine needs to be kept at constant temperature and humidity in order to stay at its best and prevent the corks drying out. If corks do dry out, they shrink, allowing air into the bottle and oxidising the wine. By having a wine cellar with SC STORAGE, you can ensure that your wine will be kept at a constant and controlled humidity.

Our wine storage equipment is engineered with a state of the art enviromental control system designed to maintain a temperature range between 14℃-18℃ and maintains a relative humidity of 50% to 75% year around, which is considered to be ideal for wine storage. This climate control is completely independent of the building's system and automatically adjusts via variable compressor capacity as warm product is brought in for storage. Electronic monitoring equipment is remotely connected to ADT security company to ensure our wine storage is under constant temperature surveiliance.

SC Storage-Cold Storage, we have all the components to preserve the integrity of your collection:
  1. Room of various sizes
  2. State-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to maintain temperature
  3. Video surveillance
  4. Key codes and layered security for client controlled locker room access
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Temperator Control

Our temperature controlled wine storage centres maintain the temperature at 14℃-18℃, which is the optimal temperature suitable for storage of wine. Our outer wall and ceiling is insulated to protect from heat and moisture, which is similar to a walk-in-freezer.

Security Control

All storage is equipped with 24-hour CCTV recording system. Our staff tours the facility for ensuring the safety. Customer uses his own padlock to lockup his storage unit.


As ultraviolet light can harm the wine, our storage is blocked from any sunlight, and low level lighting is used in the storage.


Wine Insurance referral available upon request.


We offer delivery services for the wine upon request (24 hour advance notice required).


  • Keep temperature constant between 14-18℃
  • Keep wine away from ultraviolet light/sun light.
  • Since 2008, Hong Kong has eliminated the duty tax on wine
  • Corkage should be checked to see if it has shrank to allow air to seep in

Our specialised wine storage centres are located at:

  1. 18/F., Remex Centre, No.42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
  2. 17/F., Wing Fung Ind. Bldg., 40-50 Sha Tsui Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong