Mini Storage Prepping: Prepare for a Viral Outbreak

What to Store for a Pandemic Like COVID-19

While it would be difficult for anyone to predict a wide-reaching pandemic like COVID-19 it makes sense to prepare for viral outbreaks like this and mini storage space is the perfect location for you to do so. With a secure storage location, you can stash the supplies you need to safeguard you and your family during a pandemic such as COVID-19 all while maintaining the necessary sanitation precautions to avoid being infected. See our tips below to prepare and to safeguard your family.

What to Store for a Pandemic Like COVID-19

The most important question you should be asking when prepping for a pandemic is what should you store? The answer to this is quite a lot actually. Of course, you should have some water storage items in your unit like disinfecting tablets, water filtration systems and a water storage container or two. You should also have a fully stocked first aid kit to help deal with minor and major medical problems, especially in a situation like COVID-19 when medical personnel and emergency services might be too busy to help. It's also important to stockpile disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, protective gloves, masks, and other sterilization equipment if it is available to you and your area isn't currently suffering from a shortage.

With all of these items tucked away in your storage units you'll be prepared to maintain sterile conditions for your family over time to prevent viral infection from spreading.

Organize and Safeguard Your Supplies

After you have all your supplies rounded up, it's time to package them into protective boxes and storage containers that are all labeled with care. Put your valuable supplies into boxes labeled and stacked neatly so you can access what you need quickly and easily. Consider putting the most valuable items into fireproof containers within your self-storage unit as well. You can even create an inventory that you keep at home so you know exactly what supplies are available in your storage unit during an emergency.

Be sure to write down any expiration dates on medications and other items that stop working with time so that you can swap them out as necessary to keep your storage items fresh.

Maintaining Sanitization While Accessing Your Storage Unit

It's no benefit to anyone to have prep supplies in storage units if you can't access them without getting infected by the virus you're preparing for. That's why it's so important to take the necessary sanitization steps when utilizing your storage unit.

Access your storage unit at night, or during a low-traffic time when you're unlikely to come in contact with other customers. Wear gloves when opening and closing your storage locker, and carefully wipe down the lock and handle of your unit before opening it up. Dispose of your gloves before handling any of the items within your storage unit, and take care to only touch your stored supplies after fully sanitizing your hands and any clothing that will come in contact with your supplies.Search for rental storageBy following these basic steps you can maintain a sterile stockpile of important supplies to get you through a pandemic such as COVID-19 or even a more standard flu season. Keep your unit stocked and you'll have the supplies you need to avoid issues with infection when you need them most.

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