Your Guide to Transitioning Out of Hong Kong & Moving Abroad


Moving abroad can be an intimidating task, especially when you know the move isn’t permanent. You’re left deciding which of your possessions are coming with you, which you are parting with and which you will leave in storage.

If you’re leaving Hong Kong with plans to return, SC Storage is here to help. Here are our top tips for moving out and preparing to leave HK and, of course, storing items for when you come back.

Research Immigration Handling and Customs

Each country has its own customs and immigration requirements for what you can and can’t bring internationally. For instance, you’ll need to find new homes for your houseplants as agricultural products are typically prohibited. But personal items, clothing, and furniture are all typically approved.

Prepare For Processing

To prepare for processing, be sure to have your personal documentation in order. Common paperwork requirements include:

  • Tax information
  • Visa information
  • birth certificates
  • marriage licenses
  • Passport
  • Immunization and medical records
  • Travel insurance paperwork

It is also helpful to try and pack your things in categories so you can easily access like items. Try to consolidate and separate your electronics, your clothing, medications, other toiletries, and personal items.

Time to Declutter What Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Preparing for a move is the perfect time to go through your possessions and let go of things you no longer need. One popular method is to only keep items that bring you joy. What personal items make you happy? What items no longer make your life better and are instead just taking up space?

Sifting through your stuff doesn’t mean you need to trash everything. You can give items away to friends and family who will appreciate them or donate them to a secondhand shop for someone else to enjoy.

Get the Right Packing Supplies


As you get your life boxed up and ready for shipment, be sure to havethe right packing supplies.Boxes and tape are absolutely essential. You might also consider purchasing some moisture-proof boxes to protect very important items. Use locks to secure suitcases or other containers.

The last step is to care for the items you aren’t taking with you but want to have when you return to Hong Kong. That’s where self-storage through SC Storage can help.

Get a Storage Unit to Store Your Belongings

Know What Size of Unit You Need

From storage for small spaces to large, SC Storage has the right-sized unit to fit your needs. Our trained staff can help you determine how many square feet your items will take up so you don’t pay for empty space.size guideor usesize calculater

Packing Your Storage Unit

Keeping your storage unit packed neatly will help you if you ever need to access your items and when you move out. In larger units, many people choose to use shelves to allow for easier stacking and organizing. If you are stacking items without shelves, be sure heavier, sturdier items sit on the bottom and fill in with lightweight and irregularly shaped items on top.

Consider The Length of Time For Storage

You may know exactly when you will return to Hong Kong, or the timing may be up in the air. Come talk with our friendly SC Storage staff so we can help you understand the different lease lengths available to you. Our flexible plans ensure you can keep your items safe for however long or short your move may be. When you do return, you’ll know you can easily access your storage unit to retrieve your items and close your lease.

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